I have always been driven to understand the emotional and behavioural reasons why people make certain purchasing decisions regarding their health and what the current health trends are. I take this information to help you uniquely position yourself in the marketplace, develop a successful business plan, understand how to attract clients, outline where to invest in your business,

and create effective marketing materials.

I worked in corporate marketing for 10 years helping clients refine their messaging and create programs to engage with consumers. Now, I am focusing that experience to help wellness entrepreneurs take their messaging to the market. I love seeing great brands

and companies to life - ones that will make a positive impact - and hope we can work together to bring your dream to life.

Consumer Insights & Profiling

Dig into emotional and behavioural insights to understand who your target is and what message will connect with them.

  • Consumer Research (e.g. purchasing behaviours, competitive landscape)

  • Consumer Insights + Profiling

Business Planning

Build a strong Business plan that ensures you understand with what and where you're going to connect with your target.

  • Business Plan Development

  • Goal Setting 

  • Pricing

  • Measurement + Analytics

Marketing Support

Create the assets to be able to connect in an impactful way for you and your target.

  • Brand Identity Development (logo, branding)

  • Marketing Strategy + Materials (administrative templates to store set-up)

  • Digital + Social Support (website, social media management)

  • Content creation (content plans through execution)


Are you a new Entrepreneur and feel overwhelmed with the marketing side of the business? 
I offer a uniquely designed Starter Coaching Program to help you build a successful business. The modules are designed to help you think about your business methodically with each module building upon past lessons. 
Upon completion of this program, you will have:

  • A strategic business plan

  • Unique brand identity

  • Established pricing

  • Impactful marketing strategy

  • Effective marketing materials (sales sheet, website, establish your social media channels, and content strategy).


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