Holistic Marketing

Health-Focused Marketing Consultant


Are you a health-focused company that needs help with their Marketing?

Taryn Lipschitz Consulting provides a holistic view to marketing for health-focused companies to build and execute a marketing strategy that aligns with wellness businesses.

Taryn pairs her experience as a strategic marketer with her expertise as a Nutritionist to help you build a unique brand identity, create marketing materials to connect with your consumers in a meaningful way, and measure the impact of all decisions to ensure business achieve success.



I work with everyone from solopreneurs to large brands to provide consumer insights, business planning, and marketing support. From concepting through execution - I help you develop a strong business plan, establish clear goals, create marketing materials, and optimize through measurement.

Consumer Insights

Dig into emotional and behavioural insights to really understand who your target is and how to connect with them.

Business Planning

Build a strong Business Plan that ensures you are clear on your goals and mission.

Marketing Support

Create marketing assets and build brand awareness - from websites to social media accounts to events.


Hi! I'm Taryn

A strategic marketer, holistic nutritionist, and experimental cook who merged my passion for marketing and healthy living to focus on helping Wellness Entrepreneurs build their businesses.

When choosing to work with me, you get the large agency experience crafted into boutique, a-la-carte options to fit your business needs.




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